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 Fishing guide discussion

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PostSubject: Fishing guide discussion   Fishing guide discussion EmptyWed Sep 03, 2008 11:12 am

Note: it may be possible this video has not been made yet and might never be made if we don't get good suggestions

Please read the forum rules before posting anything here.
This is a 'discussion-topic'. For help with your fishing skill, go to the help category --> skill guides --> Fishing help.

What we expect here:
Post from our visitors about how we can improve our video on this skill.
If this skill hasn't got a video yet, you can discuss on what should be in it.

Keep this forum free from spam!

Thank you in advance,

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PostSubject: Re: Fishing guide discussion   Fishing guide discussion EmptySun Sep 07, 2008 6:09 am

Guy's start posting guides, Please.

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PostSubject: Re: Fishing guide discussion   Fishing guide discussion EmptySun Sep 07, 2008 3:51 pm

YOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOY! Orange is back mi hommie G's!

Ok ya i havent posted in a while and decided jsut to make another guide and stuffl lol

So first, fishing a verry usefull skill and you can make millions and millions and millions of gp!!!
What most people don't understand, is that it takes quite a while to achieve a fisihing cape even though it has a cheasy parts to it *cough* gold trim *cough* lol anyways here's my guide.

1-15shrimp- Well, this may take a while and may take long but it won't be a camarpson to any of your future lvl's ;D, I advice that while you fish, you go on the forums, partically this one XD

15-20Sardines- Now, you may be wondering why i didnt go on hgiher things after you can do other things than fish or sardine, well its because that you are actually wasting more time changing the catch you are catch then just stay and catching the same fihs

20-30Trout-Now i advise u get liek 50k feathers cuz what's ahead is what's going to drive you crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30-62Salmon+Trout-This will drive you crazy to beyond beiliefs. I don't how people did it, because i got 62 f2p on all kind of things lol. No, i am not f2p i am a happy member. Now back to the subject. This may take a week or two but if your dedicated you'll do it. The best place to do this is at shillo village, if you can not enter then fish at barbarian village and drop the fish. Do not do barbarian fishing yet (if u know what it is) because it is slow xp atm.

62-80Lobster-Now, you can enter the fishing guild! Just eat a ardil pie i belive it is, and you can enter, If you log out you will log in out of the guild. At 65 you can just drink fihsing pots. Fishing, you can be afk, but i advice not because of the evil chicken, my friend died and lost her santa cuz of one. Now, you will lvl slowly but make a rough 10-17mil.

80-97Monks-To do monks, you will ahve to have completed swan song. This is where NOT being a pure or skiller comes in handy, because it's farely imposssible to do it as a skilelr or pure. Since you ahve gotten this far, you will finally be making the real money. Monks are faster than sharks, and give more xp then them! They are also faster than lobs. THay are an average of 30k xp per hour which isnt bad if you have patiants. Quickest way to monks is to summon a Kyatt (57 summoning) and just run to it. Take less than 30 seconds, this will bring is around 35m

97-99Barbarian fishing- This is the far fasest xp now! you will recieve about 50k xp per hour wich is amazign campared to other xp you have been reciving. Here's an rs guide if you don't know what barbain fishing is

. Click here

that "click here" is copy right of jagex i do not clain nor own it

anyways, this is the best way to 99 in my opinion of course!

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jared turbo3
jared turbo3

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PostSubject: Re: Fishing guide discussion   Fishing guide discussion EmptyMon Sep 08, 2008 12:30 pm


A rather time consuming skill.

A boring skill but the rewards can be great!

I think the simplest way to achieve 99 fishing is to use shilo village when you can fishing salmon and rout and have finsihed the quest shilo village.


You could get 68 fishing to enter the fishing guide (think its 68) and fish lobs till a high enough level to beable to fish sharks to 99. Fishing lobs/sharks takes a very long time but you make a lot more cash the shilo village.

Shilo village though is the fastest way to get 99 fishing.

I spent 1.1m on feathers and have already covered that cost from fishing raw salmon and trout and selling it on in the grand exchange.

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Fishing guide discussion Jared_turbo3
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Fishing guide discussion
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