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 Fletching guide discussion

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PostSubject: Fletching guide discussion   Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:13 am

Note: it may be possible this video has not been made yet and might never be made if we don't get good suggestions

Please read the forum rules before posting anything here.
This is a 'discussion-topic'. For help with your fletching skill, go to the help category --> skill guides --> Fletching help.

What we expect here:
Post from our visitors about how we can improve our video on this skill.
If this skill hasn't got a video yet, you can discuss on what should be in it.

Keep this forum free from spam!

Thank you in advance,

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Orange If I
Orange If I

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PostSubject: Re: Fletching guide discussion   Sat Sep 06, 2008 11:47 am

HAY! Getting 99 fletch? You goign for a fast 99 just for a cape?

Well fletchign is a skill most people consider a lame cape and 99. Well i personally have 99 fletch, and its not as easy as most condisider. It's a hard working cape. Here's my favorite way to 99 fletching

1-5 shafts- Well get your axe and start chopping those tree's! This may take like 30minutes to 5 since its really low xp but eh? not that hard. You will need a knife and logs. use the knife of the logs, and make shafts.

5-10 shortbows-Get your knife an some more logs and start making those shortbows. Just use the knife on logs and make short bows!

10-20 longbows-For now on you may want to start buying your logs. DO NOT string your bows till you ahve 70, unless you will loose millions of gp! So pretty easy here just use the knife on logs lol

20-25 Oak shortbows-Now start buying your logs!Just use the knife on the logs prettty simple still!

25-35 Oak longbows-Keep buying em logs! and use knife on logs! well...maybe fletch is more simple that i thought lol!

35-40 willow shortbows-Now buy the willows and start making these bows!

40-50 Willows long bow-keep buying them still and make those bows!

50-55 Maple shortbows- This is where you may loose a lot of money. you will now start buying maple logs.

55-70 maples longbows!-Now this is where you will loose a lot of gp! As far step as this seems its nothing campared the next step but remember do not string yet!

70-99! yew longbows!- W0w you gotten this far yet? well ur 1/13 of the way about. Here is where you will be getting 100k-150k xp per hour. This may seem long but will onyl take a week or two!


Cant sell the things you made 1-70 fletch! Well here out only chose is to sell them to a general store. i made 500k selling to general store, well nto made but got back lol.

Cant sell your yew longs bows? should you alch them?NO! alching wastes fletching time. Enable to sell them there's two chioces,

World 132 yanille bank is the unofficial fletchign guild and alching guild!

gl on 99 fletching
this is my guide to not copy and paste it on the runescape forums!

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PostSubject: Re: Fletching guide discussion   Sun Sep 07, 2008 6:03 am

Lol it's ok i'll delete the double,

Very nice guide btw.

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PostSubject: Re: Fletching guide discussion   Sun Sep 07, 2008 12:07 pm

i have 81 fletch and i do yew longbows to it's verry fast

i'm lipslide101 proud member of WRP,forum moderator and rs player.
I like to help some people who need help.(rofl)
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PostSubject: Re: Fletching guide discussion   

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Fletching guide discussion
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