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 Runecrafting guide discussion

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PostSubject: Runecrafting guide discussion   Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:18 am

Note: it may be possible this video has not been made yet and might never be made if we don't get good suggestions

Please read the forum rules before posting anything here.
This is a 'discussion-topic'. For help with your runecrafting skill, go to the help category --> skill guides --> Runecrafting help.

What we expect here:
Post from our visitors about how we can improve our video on this skill.
If this skill hasn't got a video yet, you can discuss on what should be in it.

Keep this forum free from spam!

Thank you in advance,

Forum Admin
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Orange If I
Orange If I

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PostSubject: Re: Runecrafting guide discussion   Sat Sep 06, 2008 11:12 am

Most people enjoy the runecrafting skill but hate it, however that means, but I feel the same too. I am currently 286xp from 82 runecrafting, getting in like 7 hours because i am holding a party, but in other news this is my favorite way to 99 runecrafting.

1-9runecrafting-Runecrafting airs at falador, this may not be the fastest xp but it will get you to 9 runecrafting. If you are a high level i suggest ussing the abbys, because it is a lot faster, but if you use abbys i sugggest you bring super energy pots, a bull ant, or a terrorbird, but i highly suggst getting a terrorbird, because each special is 1/4 of a super energy pot which means 4 specials is a whole energy potion, but for each special its 34gp 34*4=136per super enrgy pot using a bird

9-50The absoulty fastest way here is fire runes, you will probally loose 300k-500k but its defintly worth for the xp at that level. The way to craft them is to fill your pouchces and or abby familar, then use your ring of dueling to teleport to al karid then run to the fire altar, once you crafted your runes, tele to castle wars fill your pouches tele to al karid, and repeat till 50. Why to 50 and not 44? Well, at 50 you get the big pouch wich increases xp by a lot.

This guide is about pouches. Pouches are one of the most important thing in all of runecrafting. There are two ways to obtain them.
the firts way
1. the most popular way to obtain all 4 pouches is killing the monsters in the abbys.
2. This way, you will only get the giant and the large: you go to the runecrafting guild and buy them:D


50-54Nature runes-Nature runes are a verry popular rune and some people craft them 44-99runecrafting infact, but i do not suggest doing that. Craft nats either threw abbys or using the spirit graahk. The absoulty fasest way to crafft them is using the spirit graahk but 57 summoning is needed for it.

54-75Law runes-Law runes are almost 2x the profit and more xp. I highly suggest using abbys, but you can always use the balloon method, but i do not suggest since it's slower then abbys. If you cant go through abbys without dieing without armor, then stick to natures, because you can not wear armor or weapons.

75-82ZMI altar-now you can finally use the gaint pouch. Use it and repair when neccecerry. This will take long. Before you use the zmi you must have done lunar diplocy and have lunar spell book activated. Zmi is the absoult fastest xp it can be 30-40k xp per hour+. From here i suggest buying 100k fire runes. Buy 5astral and 5laws. Now teleport to the ourina altar. Now run up the path and pray then go to the ladder next to it and go down. Turn on protect from range, now bank and take out as many pure ess you need. To bank you need 20 amount of any rune so i suggest buying 100k fires for it. Run up the path with foes and at the end you will see the altar, craft all your runes then teleport back to the altar, drop all the worth less runes while running up this is how your inventory should look after you droped teh worthless runes
f-fire rune
e-energy resuorce
r r r r
l l l l
r r r r
l l l l
l l l l
p p p p
l l e f

now bank and repeat,, you can always bank at castle wars if you dont want to buy the fires.

82-91astral(money starts coming in)=This will bring in 50-90million gp, and almos the same rate as ZMI. This is a simple method, just tele to lunar isle then fill pouches and inventory run to the altar craft your runes and tele to lunar. This can bring in 500-800k gp per hour.

91-99NATS!- Nats are the best way to go from here. THey are 1million gp per hour at 91. I highly suggest now ussing the graahk method but the abbys is always open (check 44-54 for more info)

this is my guide to 99 runecrafting and I typed it now so dont repost it on runescape forums anyone who read it....

My runescape name is
Orange If I
if you want to look me up

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PostSubject: Re: Runecrafting guide discussion   Sun Sep 07, 2008 6:01 am

Wow, Very nice guide orange. Start posting more Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Runecrafting guide discussion   Sun Sep 07, 2008 11:58 am

cool guide Razz Razz
MORE pl0x Embarassed

i'm lipslide101 proud member of WRP,forum moderator and rs player.
I like to help some people who need help.(rofl)
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PostSubject: Re: Runecrafting guide discussion   Sun Sep 07, 2008 12:08 pm

Oo, Nice guide, Orange!
You're doing good.
I think I'm gonna use this guide for training my Runecrafting, which is >Low<. (26 a.t.m.) Laughing Laughing


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PostSubject: Re: Runecrafting guide discussion   

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Runecrafting guide discussion
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