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 All Fired Up

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PostSubject: All Fired Up   All Fired Up EmptySat Sep 13, 2008 12:00 pm

Items Needed: 45 logs all of the same kind, and a tinderbox.

1. speak to king roald he will say needs help testing his beacons
2. next you will need to speak to blaze he is located near the
limestone mine near a church (picture to show you) talk to him he will
tell you to light the beacon you will need 20 logs and a tinderbox to
light it. then talk to him again he will tell you to talk to Squire

3.head over to Squire Fyre beacon and light it the same way you did with blaze.
4. head back to blaze and he will say that his beacon is going out and
need 5 more logs. once you have gave him the 5 logs he will tell you to
report back to king roald.
5.Head back to King Roald to receive your reward.

Reward: 20 K, 5.5K Firemaking XP, access to the All Fired Up mini-game

Made By Madcooking

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All Fired Up
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